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Helpful Suggestions

  • Consider a shorter term if you anticipate needing to move due to work, school, or restrictions of size with an expanding household.
  • Consider a “Full” or “Premium” product if you anticipate requiring a bigger loan to consolidate debts. These have lower penalties.
  • Choose a “Basic” product if you are buying with less than 20% down and are not planning on making any changes to your mortgage.


  • If you are applying with more than one applicant - be aware if there are any changes to their eligibility - (divorce, job loss, sickness, death) you may need to make changes to your loan - (choose a Premium Product).
  • If you are applying alone, have you considered taking an insurance product in order to protect yourself and family against job loss/sickness/death0
  • Just because you can afford it, doesn’t mean you should max out your affordability.
  • If you are trying to consolidate debt, make sure to include all possible debts - rather than having to refinance more than once in a short period of time.