Canada-based financial tech app Loanerr provides new mortgage processing solutions

Canada-based financial tech app Loanerr provides new mortgage processing solutions

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Toronto, November 29, 2016 – Loanerr is pleased to announce the launch of its fully-featured financial technology website, The site has extensive content and services developed with the support of brokerage firm Dominion Lending Centres (


Loanerr provides consumers with tools to analyze lending products themselves before speaking with a licensed representative.  The calculators on Loanerr’s website offers consumers a transparent way to determine how much mortgage financing they can afford. The mortgage calculators are an especially helpful resource in markets where there is little supply and high demand for housing.


With an increase of private lenders in the financial services market, it remains important that clients from all credit backgrounds have fair financing options.  Loanerr evaluates the entire debt load of clients and provides solutions for them to manage debt more efficiently.  


We commonly recommend fixed-term consolidation loans to clients who have many types of unsecured debt, such as credit cards and lines of credit. Consolidation loans combine various debts into one loan for a finite period of time.  Getting a consolidation loan makes monthly payments cheaper and easier, giving consumers more disposable income in the process.   Consulting our clients’ finances as the first step is mutually beneficial. Doing so makes determining future steps easier for our team and our clients.   


In developing Loanerr’s technology platform, we’ve found a new way to connect participants in a centralized secure portal. Our platform simplifies the customer homebuying experience through a transparent and clutter-free interface. Since client profiles are updated in real time, our representatives are always available for virtual or call-in chats from anywhere in Canada or globally. When you spend less time on paperwork and communicating over updates, you have more time to plan your life outside of homebuying.


Our goal in launching Loanerr is to make debt management easy for the average on-the-go consumer, from first buyers to refinancers.  


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Loanerr is a financial technology company aimed at providing tools to effectively manage debt. Whether its credit cards, lines of credit personal loans, mortgages or car loans - we won't just leave you a loan.