Examining Revenue Property Options

Examining Revenue Property Options

With interest rates remaining at all-time lows, now is an ideal time to invest in the purchase of revenue property. Start building your revenue property portfolio or continue adding to your existing list of properties.


The key is to work with a mortgage professional who is an expert in this niche. They can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and ongoing information that will help you make informed investment decisions. Feel at ease throughout each purchase.


Loanerr Mortgage professionals offer an invaluable service to real estate investors. This is because, if the mortgages on your investment properties are not set up properly from the on-set of each venture, you will not be able to get future financing – a necessity for continuing to build your portfolio of revenue properties.


Mortgage professionals who are experts in dealing with real estate investors know that a portfolio approach must be taken. They must ensure future financing for those looking to purchase revenue properties. An experienced mortgage professional will ask you in detail about your specific property investment goals. They can then develop a game plan for the next five or 10 years. 


Your Loanerr mortgage professional can work with you in order to determine where you currently stand in terms of your real estate goals, where you need to be to meet those goals and the steps involved to get you there.


Keep in mind that you should go over your plan with your mortgage professional annually.


A team of experts

A mortgage professional who specializes in helping clients acquire revenue property is also likely to partner with other investment property experts. This can include real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents and contractors, to name a few. It will enable your mortgage professional to provide valuable information to you through this knowledge network they have created.


By forming ties with other trusted experts, your mortgage professional is able to provide you with a one-stop shop for meeting all of your real estate investment needs.


Your mortgage professional can also help direct you to other organizations that will offer you further insight. If you join groups such as the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) or even a local Rental Owners and Managers Society (ROMS), for instance, you can receive a wealth of added knowledge catered to your revenue property needs.


While REIN can provide market insight and investing tips through years of experience. ROMS helps with credit checks for potential tenants, keeps you abreast of changes to the Residential Tenancy Act and other topics/concerns often faced by landlords.


So before you begin building your revenue property portfolio. Ask a Loanerr mortgage professional what they can do to cater to all your real estate investment needs.


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