10 Tips for Selling your home in Durham Region

10 Tips for Selling your home in Durham Region

With a growing demand for homes and new approaches to suburban living, Durham Region has become a trendy and more affordable alternative. From Ajax to Whitby, the buzz about Durham Region is encouraging people to buy homes. This new influx of people is bringing along commercial and industrial investment as well. If you’re looking to upgrade or downgrade your housing situation, here are 10 tips on selling your home in the Durham Region.


Durham Region’s Diversity

As you are aware, living in the Region means experiencing many cultural festivities and ethnic perspectives within the comfort of quiet, family-friendly communities. In fact, Ajax boasts a still-growing 35.6% visible minority population, which is higher than the provincial average.


Whether you’re marketing your home to a young couple, a growing family, or interested investors. Highlighting Durham’s openness to welcome citizens of diverse backgrounds can add positive points to your sales pitch.


Flaunt your property’s one-of-a-kind character, be it new or old

What makes a house stand out for most buyers is unique charm or features, so don’t be shy to showcase what makes your home stand out. Do you own waterfront property or have an impressive garden? Renovate your boat dock and deck to reflect the earthy or nautical-inspired colours surrounding your home.


Does your home hold historical significance? Get a plaque or official documentation stating its importance to the community. Being unique never goes out of style and always turns heads.


Make your open house events interactive

Work with your realtor and interior design stager to appeal to everyone coming to view your home. Keep decor authentic and minimal and develop a list of best-kept “local’s secret” attractions. Offer a digital portfolio of your home and layout plans. Delicious locally-grown snacks and drinks being available to visitors shows you have savvy and good housewarming skills.  A trait that may make your house memorable when it comes time for a client to buy.


Emphasize your home’s closeness to Toronto…

One of the growing reasons why people are flocking to the 401 area is due to its proximity to Toronto. It allows families the privileges of near-Toronto access without actually having to live in Toronto. Knowing how long an average daily work-to-downtown commute typically takes in all types of weather will impress people who are interested in viewing or buying your home.


… and cottage country


A fabulous perk of living in Durham remains the convenient reach to weekend trips. Getting to the family summer cottage when a getaway is desired is leagues easier than coming in from other Ontario regions. Road trips from Ajax, Pickering and other towns and cities of Durham to Ontario’s most popular cottage estates in Muskoka and Barrie clock in less than 2.5 hours. Families who love camping and holidaying in nature love this aspect of living in Durham. Feel free to recommend shortcuts on how to maximize travelling time.


Your community is on a first-class ticket for air travel — making your home prime pickings

Pickering is slated to get a new airport   and it’s likely to be much larger than Pearson. As Ontario’s population continues to grow, more airports will need to be built to accommodate that growth. Transportation links to the new airport will mean more investment by the region and province. Living in Durham will give potential buyers an edge, so speaking well about the airport project could factor in interest.


Consider the future demographics of your neighbourhood

Communities adapt to the times and people that occupy them. To sell your home successfully, show your eagerness to make additions (or subtractions) to your home. Seek out estimates with your realtor and independently along with your buying party.   Show off your handy research skills and willingness to complete any pre-purchase jobs needed. Because doing so makes for a cost-effective, yet quality renovation project. Be sure to get all conditions in writing and take before-and-after pictures for your records.


Be patient for capitalizing on your home’s value

Durham Region is still quite small in comparison to Toronto and Peel Regions, so in conclusion, housing prices are growing in stages. Depending on where you live, your home can be worth between the mid-450’s to the mid-760’s range.


Average house prices in Durham may not draw in the $1.2 million dollar ticket prices of Toronto suburbs, but they are definitely growing. Allowing your home to appreciate in value can do wonders for  benchmark prices when it comes time to sell.


Host a moving garage sale

A bittersweet way to tie up all the memories you’ve made in your home while decluttering for the big move is by selling off any non-essential belongings in a neighbourhood garage sale. Pricing your goods at a reasonable value can lighten your load.  It makes for a good final social event, and adds money to your pocket.


Communicate Durham as your buyer’s home

Being open to necessary communication for after the transaction shows that you are committed to your home’s new owners.  If the new owners have questions about living in the region, the best way to show you care is by being an open book. Selling a home isn’t hard if you take it in stride. When you move into your new home, perhaps there will be someone to welcome you in return.


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